Flexound Systems Oy
The innovative team at Flexound Systems Oy crafted HUMU with the spirit of Finnish innovation and engineering expertise to enable you to experience sound in a completely new way. HUMU was born in Finland, the country of forests and thousand lakes.

The Flexound Story

 Flexound's story began as a request from the wife of Jukka Linjama, PhD in acoustics, a violinist and inventor to-be. With the desire to create a tool to assist his wife, an occupational therapist, in her work with disabled and autistic children, Jukka set out to invent what would become the Taikofon FeelSound Player, Flexound's first product intended for therapeutic use. 

In the fall of 2015, the Flexound team realized the game-changing potential of the technology for entertainment and relaxation, and commenced the development of a consumer device. In summer 2017, we proudly presented HUMU, The Augmented Audio Cushion, to the world.

The Flexound Team
Finns are typically quiet and introverted people. Not this lot. They're also bursting with creative crazy ideas from drinking all that coffee and spending their free time in the forests...


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