Pamper your loved ones with a touching gift

8 November 2017

Ever wondered what would be the perfect gift for your dearest people? As the holiday season is getting closer, we are all facing the discomfort of searching presents to our family, relatives, and friends. Even after finding a gift that we ourselves consider perfect, we may still be haunted by the thought that perhaps he or she does not like it the way we wished…

So what should you buy then? A pair of socks? Chocolate? Or maybe something that you would yourself consider as a perfect present?

We collected here some points to help you with your present search:

1. What does the receiver like or dislike?

This is a starting point for planning your amazing present. What are the interests of the person you are going to indulge the present with? Does he or she like to work out? Or go outdoors? Listen to music? And on the flipside of the coin, what does he or she absolutely dislike?

Don’t get depressed even if the receiver does not value your present after all the effort you put to it, as this gives you more information for your future presents. I remember when I used to buy my sister parfums as Christmas presents, because I myself considered them as a perfect gift at that time. However, my sister didn’t appreciate the presents, but instead she asked me if I thought she smelled bad when I always bought her parfums! This funny example shows how different viewpoints people may have on presents.

2. What kind of presents he or she gives to others?

This is a valid question, as this may give you hint on what type of presents the person might like him- or herself. Usually people give that kind of present they think would be nice to receive. This may also provide you information for the next topic, the budget for your present.

3. Price range

When buying a present, you naturally need to consider how much money you are willing to invest in a present. A valid point here is also the product lifecycle, whether you want to give something that costs a bit more but will bring joy to the receiver for longer time, or whether you want to give something small. My advice is to invest in quality products and avoid small items that no one actually use in long term, and that will eventually end up in a trash bin.

Another point when thinking about the price range, is to look at the presents the receiver usually gives. Is it normal for him to give expensive gifts, or does he prefer cheaper ones? Naturally this is also dependant on the fact how close the person is to you, as people usually buy more expensive gifts to the closest ones.

4. The message behind the present

One important thing to consider when deciding on the present is that what kind of message do you want to give to the receiver? The previous three points were only starting points for your present-planning, but this point is the most important one. If you really want to find a perfect present to your loved one, please consider what you want to say with it. Is your message “I love you, and want you to feel good” or “I care for you and want you to release your stress”? Or does your present plainly state “this was on sale, and I didn’t know what else to buy to you”? For some of us presents are more important than to others, especially if it is from a person we love dearly. Christmas, Father's’ Day, and Birthdays are all very important celebrations for us. Some people value them more than others, but one thing is sure: everyone of us loves a good present that gives you joy for a long term.

The perfect present…

There simply isn’t one right answer for making the selection of a present. What we at the Flexound think, is that the best presents give your loved ones a feeling, that you have really thought about them when selecting the gifts. The best ones show them how much you care.

One way of showing your love is giving people a heart-warming hug. As we discussed before in our article about human need of touch, each and every person needs to be loved and touched. This is why we believe that a perfect gift could give people the same kind of feeling as a warm, long, and comforting hug.

HUMU FeelSound Audio gives your loved ones near and far a sensation of closeness and feeling of touch. Even though nothing can replace an actual hug from a loved one, the comforting vibration of sound waves in HUMU, combined with huggable pillow makes you feel a bit similar feeling as you would be hugged. In addition, as HUMU produces a wide spectrum of sound (20 Hz to 20 000 Hz), it is a perfect present for experiencing music, movies, games, relaxing sounds of nature, or audio books. Therefore HUMU also works as a perfect companion for complete relaxation for your loved ones.