Add the sensation of touch to all audio-visual entertainment


HUMU Augment Audio Cushion™ gives you deep immersion in your favorite entertainment. You will both HEAR and FEEL the sound. You will be INSIDE the sound yet with minimal sound leakage around you. 

Personal binaural stereo and vibration
Patented HiFi technology used by cinemas
For movies, games, music, or relaxation
Praised by leading reviewers and sound pros.


Every Day Escapists

HUMU's near-field soundsphere creates a perfect sound bubble free of delays, distortions, echoes and reflections. This isolates you perfectly from your surroundings and vice versa, making every audio moment more pleasurable for everyone.

Music Enthusiasts

HUMU is an “un-speaker”. Unlike traditional loudspeakers or headphones HUMU uniquely provides the sensation of touch while outperforming them in audio clarity. HUMU is able to reproduce a wider range of frequencies (20 to 20,000 Hz) than most consumer loudspeakers or headphones.

Three elements every music enthusiast will love:

Ambience – the surround soundscape for your ears.
Base – the bass kick boost for your body.
Clarity – the intelligibility when you listen with the sensation of physical touch and your ears in unison.

Game Cowboys

Get extra kicks from your games. Feel every explosion, jump and acceleration physically. HUMU amplifies soundscapes and takes the game experience to a new level.

TV/Movie Maniacs

Would you like to feel the thrill of a movie scene deep in your own body? HUMU creates a unique 3D effect with two stereo sources that separate the sound to provide a remarkable home theatre feeling. With 3D sound and pulsating music, HUMU is incomparable to any loudspeaker or surround sound system.


HUMU is for biohacking, audio, yoga, relaxation, and therapy. HUMU stimulates pleasure hormones and helps you to de-stress. The unique feeling of HUMU as it resonates and soothes has a hugely positive influence on your mind and body.