HUMU FeelSound Audio

Do you know how music feels like?


Your audio experience gets reshaped with HUMU FeelSound Audio


Think about getting deep into the world of your favorite game by actually feeling the sound: even the best older generation gaming speakers cannot provide you this. But HUMU can!

Have you ever dreamt about feeling all the amazing tones of music and immersing in relaxation by feeling the sound of sea waves on your skin. HUMU will explode your experience of sound. 

HUMU is a FeelSound Audio, which provides pleasant vibration while playing your selection of audio content from any smart device via bluetooth or aux cable. Vibration enhances the experience of sound, letting you enjoy your favorite sounds, music, movies, gaming or relaxing sounds to the fullest.

What is your audio profile? Find out how HUMU will perfect your experience!

Gaming Cowboy

HUMU will shake your gaming experience, and take it to a completely new level! HUMU is much more than even the best gaming speaker or chair, it adds sense of touch to your game. Do you want to know how being in your favorite game feels like? Now you can with HUMU!

Movie Maniac

HUMU makes you live your movie experience to the fullest. HUMU gives you a home theatre system all in one small cushion, and even more - the feeling! 3D sound lets you experience audio effects form the right direction, and actually feel the sound!

Music Fan

Imagine how it feels to hug your favorite song. With HUMU you can! It gives you a completely new dimension to listening; feeling music as if you were playing the instruments or would be at a live concert.

Relaxation  Seeker

HUMU sets your senses in perfect harmony by providing relaxing soundwaves. HUMU is perfect for relaxing at home or stretching. Release from stress and enhance your meditation, mindfulness or yoga moments with HUMU.

Tech Lover

Are you a tech savvy who loves all the best new gadgets? HUMU provides you something completely new and cool! HUMU represents new generation of soundwaves electronics: an innovative speaker that lets you listen the 3D audio while feeling sound effects.

The worlds first ever audio device to enable you to hear and feel sound waves in unison. 

HUMU reproduces sounds and vibration in the range of 20hz to 20khz.

Connect your audio device (smart phone, tablet, computer, TV, stereos etc.) with Bluetooth or via aux cable with HUMU and enjoy any content you want to. 

Play and immerse yourself in any audio content: Music, movies, streaming, radio, games, sports broadcasts, audio books etc. No additional apps needed!

Flexound HUMU creates balanced high-quality stereo sound and distributed physical vibration which is a hugely pleasurable experience. It works together with any digital audio content and with almost any device.

HUMU vs speakers and headphones

Traditional loudspeakers

  • Lowest frequency usually 40 Hz (producing this often requires subwoofer).
  • Sound quality depends on the speaker
  • No Near-Field Listening; people around you may get disturbed by playing music
  • Very high volume required for any feel of the sound
  • Noise spill to your environment


  • Feelness; With HUMU you can FEEL the sound - no other audio device is cabable of doing the same by far!

  • Audio frequency from 20 to 20 000 Hz

  • Sound Clarity; HUMU's near-field listening provides sound bubble free of delays, distortions, echoes, and reflections

  • Near-Field-Soundsphere; When listening to HUMU, it draws sound around listeners head like a sound bubble. This is a very pleasant feeling, allowing you to immerse into audio experience

  • 3D Sound; The two stereo sources in HUMU separates sound, making the closer ear to hear sound immediately, but the other one later. The better the recording quality, better the 3D effect. 

  • Home Theatre feeling; with 3D sound and vibrating music HUMU is able to provide you a true home theatre feeling that is incomparable to any loudspeaker or surround sound systems.


  • Lowest frequency usually 40 Hz
  • Sound quality dependent on the quality of the headphones
  • Placing earbuds on your ears may cause unpleasant feeling
  • Excludes you from your surroundings


Create your own soundscape and enjoy high sound quality without disturbing others!

Flexound HUMU is not a loudspeaker but an instrument. It is carefully crafted by creative professionals with a passion to sound and aesthetics. With Flexound HUMU you can finally add the sense of touch into digital entertainment!

HUMU has playtime for up to 8 hours and a micro USB charge cable is included in the package. HUMU is very easy to use: Only one button to turn on/off the device. Control the sound volume and content directly from the connected device. It has a pleasant and high quality artificial suede cover with a handle to carry.

HUMU stands for human music. We want you to enjoy your favorite entertainment to the fullest. Whether you love music, movies, gaming or connecting with a loved one far away, HUMU connects you to the audio in a completely new way. HUMU adds a whole new dimension – the sense of touch to your audio. And that makes all the difference



HUMU Awards

Best Design Product

Analyst's Choice

Winner of Finland Metropolitan Area 

Kunniamaininta 2016