HUMU is a Game Changer I WANT IT

HUMU shakes your gaming experience


Think if you could actually feel everything that is happening in a game; all the scenes, combats, encounters, and moments. Wouldn't that be just absolutely awesome?

HUMU FeelSound Audio was created to make your gaming experience real; to let you feel even the smallest nyances in your gaming audio. Think about the favorite scene in your most favorite game: how great it would be to feel it in a completely new way, by adding the sense of touch to it!

HUMU's FeelSound technology takes your gaming experience to a completely new level making it even more fun. We wanted to make sure you get most of your gaming, therefore we developed HUMU that takes your gaming to the next level! Even the best gaming speakers cannot do what HUMU does: it adds the sense of touch to your gaming audio, which allows you to get completely immersed in gaming.

Feel your game on your skin and body with HUMU.



Love gaming?

Try HUMU, and you won't go back to a regular gaming speaker again. HUMU brings clarity to the sound, making you really hear everything in the game. The 3D sound effect let you hear the direction of the sounds better, it's like surround sound speaker system, which enhances your gaming experience.

Feeling the sound may also improve your reactions to gaming situations, since adding the sense of touch improves your reaction time when having more senses in the game. This provides you advantage when you aim to win the multiplayer games.