Dive into the Movie with HUMU I WANT IT

HUMU FeelSound Audio makes movies come alive


With HUMU you literally get to feel everything that is happening in the movie or your favorite streamed series. It creates sound vibration with 3D sound, taking you deep into your watching experience. Place HUMU behind your neck and shoulders or back, and sink to the movie athmosphere!

HUMU enhances your emotions by combining sound and vibration. It puts you straight in the scene and turns your watching experience into multisensory experience by adding the feeling to the sound. 


HUMU's 3D sound completes your movie experience

 Everyone knows how amazing it is to watch a good movie or wrap yourself around the athmosphere of your favorite series. But with HUMU your experience gets even better! The sensation of touch enhances the feeling you get from a movie and 3D sound creates home theatre experience by providing a kind of surround sound system voice with distributed stereo sources placed in HUMU. This takes you deeper in the world of films.

HUMU is built with Flexound's proprietary FeelSound technology, with distributed stereo-sources that separate directions of the sounds. It also creates an amazing soundscape around your head, helping you to dive deep into the world of movies or series without disturbing others around you. This immersive 3D sound creates amazing feeling with movies, games, and other audio, giving you a surround sound experience comparable to home theatre systems worth a fortune.