Feel the Music under Your Skin I WANT IT

Feel the music with HUMU FeelSound Technology


Ever wondered how music feels like? Now you can feel music vibrations with HUMU! Your music experience gets completely renewed with HUMU.

HUMU will give you goose bumps and take you deeper into the music experience! HUMU is an innovative speaker cushion that makes you sense sound.

The FeelSound Technology allows you not only to feel all the tones of the sound, but also helps you to get a completely new experience out of the sound. 

If you play an instrument, HUMU strenghtens your performance by allowing you to feel the music when you play, time the tones, and immerse in your music. You can also listen to your own music - and feel the resonance and music on your body.


How does sound feel like?

For a century, we’ve only been listening to sound. The tools and devices have evolved, and sound has become incredible. But it is still just audio. We know there is so much more to sound!

Sound is not just a hearing sensation. It’s full of rambles, rolls and vibrations; music vibrations. It’s a library of human nuances - you can actually physically feel the sound vibration! It is why we love those deep sensations at a movie theater; or the power of the sound of nature or the feeling of someone’s voice against your skin, when you are close.

HUMU was designed to be the first soundwaves electronics that both makes you feel sound vibrations and an excellent 3D sound that comes from distributed stereo-sources which separate directions of sound. There is yet no other device in the world that provides you the same sound experience as HUMU!


HUMU makes your music experience real

With HUMU you get to really enjoy the music vibe to the fullest. HUMU gives you a real live music feeling by adding vibration to the sound. You can actually feel the concert or your favorite music! 

Music creates emotions and help direct attention. It facilitates in achieving the desired mood.