Deep Relaxation with HUMU I WANT IT

HUMU plays a beautiful relaxing tone in your body


Music has unwinding effect on our minds. Vibration has also relaxing effects on our bodies. HUMU combines these two, allowing you to completely immerse in sound and unwind any stressful situation.

HUMU FeelSound Technology enhances your relaxation by adding the sense of touch to your favorite relaxation audio, whether being music, sounds of nature, relaxation and meditation tape, or any other audio. HUMU's gentle soundwave assists in relaxing, reduces muscle tension and helps lowering stress hormone levels.

HUMU is perfect for relaxing at home. It also provides you relaxation during a busy workday without disturbing others around you: HUMU's 3D sound creates a sound bubble that is gathered around you, not distributed around the room or space you are loated. Relaxing vibration helps you reduce stress and uplifts your mood.

Try HUMU when doing yoga, mindfulness or meditation. It is perfect for your stretching moments, too!

HUMU's sound and vibration creates relaxation

Music works like a miracle medicine: it has a hugely positive influence on our brains. When you listen to music the amount of pleasure hormone dopamine and closeness/touch hormone oxytocin start increasing in your blood, whereas the amount of stress hormones reduces. The impact is further enhanced with the feelness and vibration of the music that only HUMU can offer. The feelings are definitely ON! 

The FeelSound Technology brings relaxation, helps with muscle tension, calms and comforts in stressful situations, and it can even aid bringing relief in pain.



HUMU completes your yoga, mindfulness, meditation and stretching moments

HUMU is an excellent tool to make your stretching, meditation, and yoga moments even more relaxing and deeper. 

The gentle vibration HUMU creates allows you to release muscle tension, makes the music or sound of nature you listen even more relaxing, and this way helps you to recover better.

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