HUMU for Tech Lovers I WANT IT


 HUMU FeelSound innovation is designed for immersive personal audio experiences


Humu is a technology innovation that provides 3D sound, which makes you experience audio in a completely new way. It is built with Flexound's Proprietary FeelSound Technology, with stereo sound that separates directions of the voices. HUMU is the first soundwaves electronics that creates an amazing soundscape around you, where you can enjoy your deep sound experience without disturbing others. 

Humu has a sound and vibration frequency rate from 20 to 20 000 Hz, which is much wider than loudspeakers or any other devices are able to provide.

HUMU is the only true Hi-Fi audio device in the world that provides both sound and relaxing vibration at the same time. You can connect HUMU with Bluetooth to almost any smart audio device.

HUMU has cool materials, and it was designed by an award winning designer.

HUMU is based on a unique, pathbraking acoustical Finnish innovation which is patented. The HUMU instrument creates balanced high-quality sound and physical vibration which is a hugely pleasurable human experience. It is a new type of soundwaves entertainment that will turn around your audio experience!


HUMU gives you a new dimension to listening

Music is not only for your ears. With HUMU you can enjoy music and sounds also with your skin and body. It offers ambience for your ears, base for your body and clarity for your skin and hearing. HUMU is one of the best new gadgets you've ever tried! HUMU creates a completely new dimension to listening and lets you enjoy the sound to the fullest.

HUMU is not a loudspeaker but an instrument. It is carefully crafted by creative professionals with a passion to sound and aesthetics. In engineering terms, the solution is elegant and extremely energy efficient: enabling completely wireless operation for hours, if desired. HUMU is an innovative bluetooth speaker cushion, a technology innovation like never before! In human terms, HUMU is simply pleasurable; it has great Hi-Fi sound quality in an enjoyable package.

Human sense of touch is very delicate. We sense sounds through our bodies, which makes our listening experience stronger and more pleasant. HUMU lets you feel the sound waves, completing your audio listening.

HUMU is designed for immersive personal audio experiences. Our skin has more than 200 million touch reseptors that feel the vibration and sound waves at various frequencies. When you use HUMU, it activates the touch reseptors and make you feel the sound in a way you have never felt it before.


 HUMU allows you to biohack your feelings

Are you a tech savvy, biohacker or health lover, who wishes to optimize the relaxation, recovering from stress or exercise? Looking for the newest biohacking device?

HUMU allows you to engineer your mood and feelings by combining vibration to a relaxing or invigorating sound of your choise. 

For a long time music has been known to create emotion and help directing attention. It also facilitates in achieving desired mood. Music allows people to experience emotions without the burden of having to go through the life events that lead to them.

Vibration is aslo used in vibroacustic therapy and it is known that low-frequency in skin and body enhances body awareness.

HUMU can aid you with falling asleep by providing relaxing sound and vibration. 


HUMU helps creating physical and emotional relaxation

HUMU helps you to create and maintain physical and emotional relaxation and participates in increasing well-being in your everyday life.

The physical relaxation HUMU creates can enrich your emotions, increase the feelings of inner peace, self-reflection, and clarity. The emotional relaxation you are able to get with HUMU can be a great aid in stress management, giving you space to re-carge and increase your coping skills. In addition, increased emotional relaxation can improve your focus and concentrations skills, helping you to focus on important matters.