Flexound HUMU

Imagine hugging your favorite song


Flexound® HUMU FeelSound Audio was designed to impress you


Wonder how it would be to actually feel your favorite movie scene? Are you ready to get real with your gaming experience? Want to know how the sea waves on your favorite music feel like on your skin?

HUMU FeelSound Audio will let you experience all of the above, and even more. It is a bluetooth connected audio that was invented to provide you a completely new kind of experience with your favorite audio content:

It allows you to enjoy high-quality surround-type stereo sound like never before, combined with the wonderful feeling of physical vibration of the sound waves. It's like surround sound speakers with relaxing sound vibration all in one technology innovation: HUMU!!

HUMU was made to fit your needs

Gaming Cowboy

HUMU will shake your gaming experience, and take it to a completely new level! HUMU is much more than even the best gaming speaker or chair, it adds sense of touch to your game. Do you want to know how being in your favorite game feels like? Now you can with HUMU!

Movie Maniac

HUMU makes you live your movie experience to the fullest. HUMU gives you a home theatre system all in one small cushion, and even more - the feeling! 3D sound lets you experience audio effects form the right direction, and actually feel the sound!

Music Fan

Imagine how it feels to hug your favorite song. With HUMU you can! It gives you a completely new dimension to listening; feeling music as if you were playing the instruments or would be at a live concert.

Relaxation Seeker

HUMU sets your senses in perfect harmony by providing relaxing soundwaves. HUMU is perfect for relaxing at home or stretching. Release from stress and enhance your meditation, mindfulness or yoga moments with HUMU

Tech Lover

Are you a tech savvy who loves all the best new gadgets? HUMU provides you something completely new and cool! HUMU represents new generation of soundwaves electronics: an innovative speaker that lets you listen the 3D audio while feeling sound effects.

HUMU is something new and cool

HUMU is an amazing technology innovation that enhance your movie or gaming experience. We are confident that it is one of the best new gadgets you've ever used!

HUMU creates music vibrations that are excellent help for relaxation and meditation or in your yoga moment. Enjoy music or audio books? Try them with HUMU, and your experience is even better!

Are you interested in biohacking? HUMU is built with patented Flexound technology to provide you the newest type of biohacking device for releasing stress and enhancing your emotions.

HUMU is the coolest way to enjoy sound and will change the way we feel about music.


HUMU produces a high-quality surround-type stereo sound which creates a soundbubble around you, where you can get completely immersed in the xperience of sound. HUMU is so much more than a regular audio, and we are so excited to let you experince the 3D sound.



HUMU reproduces natural soundwaves as gently distributed vibration. Feel the beat of your favorite sounds on your skin and body like never before with HUMU! 

Sound vibration creates feeling of relaxation and releases stress. HUMU is a great device to help you create inner peace and relaxation while enjoying your favorite audio!


HUMU lets you enjoy sound with multiple senses: it allows you to feel more and enhances your experience and emotions. It is a true soundwaves entertainment for your senses.

Enjoyment, relaxation and feelings become maximixed with HUMU!


Is HUMU a bluetooth audio? Well, you can connect HUMU via Bluetooth or AUX cable to any smart devices, such as television, computer, mobile device or tablet computer. However, HUMU is much more than a regular bluetooth audio!

HUMU connects via Bluetooth with 10m operating range. Content and volume is controlled via host device.

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Everyone should try how wonderful music feels, we want you to start feeling the music!